Thursday, 21 October 2021
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Eurobank’s Live-Pay, is a 24-7 innovative payments service for all individuals, cardholders of any bank’s credit card
What you can do with Live-Pay
Through LivePay you can pay a large variety of collaborating businesses straight from your computer, such as hotels, travel agencies, insurance and utilities companies and many more.
Your payment is completed:
·         In just 3 easy steps:
- Select the payment you wish to make
- Complete the payment fields
- Complete the debit card fields
·         By charging any bank’s credit or prepaid card
The payment process
You can make your payment using Live-Pay in two ways:
Without registering in the service
Find the business you want to pay, either from the “Payments List” or by using the handy “Immediate Payment” search field.
Fill in the payment details (eg. customer code, amount etc) and your credit card information
Confirm the payment details and finalize the payment
By registering to the service
You can make your payments even simpler by becoming a Registered Live-Pay User. It’s fast, easy and offers you unique benefits:
·         Track and review all your payments through Live-Pay
·         Save your credit card details for fast input in future payments
·         Save your frequent payments’ details, for recurrent payments
·         Search, Save and Print your payment history and re-print receipts
Click here to see the necessary registration information. After registering, you can make your payment by choosing from the list of available payments
Live-Pay is an important addition to your collection channels that reaches a wide client audience. Make your request to join Live-Pay by filling the Interest Form and we will contact you immediately to start our collaboration.
Registration process
·         Fill in the Interest Form for Companies, available at the “Companies” section
·         We’ll get in touch with you to guide you through the whole registration process
·         After completing the registration process, we will create your online payment presence in the Live-Pay platform (company details, logo, contact info, etc.) and send you your account details (username & password)
·         All payments received through LivePay will be credited to your sight account at Eurobank EFG
Monitoring your payments
After joining Live-Pay, you can login to your Company’s Live-Pay account by using the username and password we will provide you with. By logging in you’ll be able to view and manage all your incoming payments in real time.
Your advantages by using LivePay
Live-Pay gives you an important competitive advantage:
·         You get an innovative collection channel, at no IT development cost, available all day long to you and your clients
·         It’s available to all of your clients, regardless of their bank, as long as they use a VISA, MasterCard, Maestro or PrePaid Visa card
·         You gather all your payments into your sight account, on a daily basis
·         You can monitor and manage in real time all your incoming payments, plus you can track your past payments archive, using your Company’s LivePay account